Thalia Kleckin

"The moment I hopped on a call with Lucy I knew she was the person I’d been looking for to design and copywrite my website. Her charismatic and relaxed approach made me feel she completely understood what I wanted."


"I found the process from start to finish perfect for me. There was ample time to complete all the copywriting worksheets from my side without feeling any pressure. This allowed me to really explore and answer the questions authentically.

Lucy has the uncanny ability to see the real you (a combination of empathic listening and asking the right questions at the right time) and magically transform that into the written word. I felt heard, understood and completely at ease in telling her my story (ies).

I absolutely adored working with Lucy and I highly recommend anyone looking to launch a website to work with her. If you are searching for a designer that is professional, creative, authentic, and that gets to the core of who are, she is your woman!"

– Thalia Kleckin, Self Love Coach


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Thalia Kleckin's WOrk

Thalia Kleckin is a Self-Love Coach who is passionate about helping women to chase the dreams they've been hiding in their heart. This is a journey that Thalia believes starts with one single step: committing to seeing and understanding the gaps that are preventing us from truly embracing who we really are – at the soul level. 


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