you’ve bravely answered the heart-based call to start a personal development business.

If only you could work out how to get your online home to live up to the inspiring vision you have within your mind…

A beautiful business website that perfectly encapsulates who you really are while instantly attracting your soul clients and working exactly as it should do; with all the professional sales features and techy bits seamlessly in place. 

You’re wondering if you should:

GIVE UP AND ADMIT DEFEAT: “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this entrepreneurial thing.”

LOWER YOUR STANDARDS: “It’s probably unrealistic to have the website I’ve been dreaming of.”

WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND ON TOP DESIGNERS: “After all, big success requires big financial investments, right?”

Maybe you’ve been mentally swimming in all of the above, yet there’s still a little voice inside saying there IS another option.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a low-cost way to create a gorgeous, professional website that you and your clients LOVE, all while gaining the skills and confidence to maintain it for yourself?


Ever done the following?

CREATED VISION BOARDS of beautiful images, styles, fonts or themes to inspire your website’s design.

LOST HOURS, DAYS, OR EVEN WEEKS trying to figure out how to use different website design software. 

CONSUMED ENDLESS ADVICE about how to create the perfect online home.

And yet… your website STILL isn’t right.

It isn’t beautiful. It isn’t inspiring. It really isn’t ‘you’. And it certainly doesn’t match the level of value you offer in your work.

Frustration takes over, shame sets in and you begin again to spiral into thoughts of quitting, running or rejecting your dream to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Let me ease your mind… you absolutely CAN create a website that you can be truly proud of. You’re just missing the right support.


Here’s the most common mistakes new solopreneurs make when launching their first website...

Feeling like you need to do absolutely everything on your own; getting into overwhelm and deep frustration trying to figure out all the technical stuff to get your website working. 

Spending thousands on the ‘best of the best’ software, integrations, designers and photographers for your first website launch... then having little confidence, skills or money to keep these business cogs properly maintained. 

Falling into self-doubt and giving up too soon, thinking that you’ll never get your head around managing a successful website or have the skills to make it look the way you had imagined. 

Rejecting your intuition about what you really want and need, and instead falling into negative comparisons and never ending advice about what you ‘should’ be doing and working towards.


You don’t need to exhaust yourself trying to make your business website live up to your dreams. AND you certainly don’t need to spend all of your savings to achieve super pro results

Here’s what you DO need…

A user-friendly website software, some key advice and easy to follow tutorials that are specifically designed for new, tech-phobic entrepreneurs in the personal development sector.

Drum roll please…


An easy to follow 10-module course that takes you click by click through the whole process of designing, optimising and successfully launching your brand new business on Squarespace!

It's been made with love for people like you

Squarespace for Solopreneurs has been created for coaches, healers and wellness advocates; the tech-phobic; design newbies and DIY warriors who are longing to gain the website skills that will enable them to kick-start their life and career as the fierce, capable and impactful entrepreneur they know they're destined to be.


After working as a designer for new entrepreneurs, i often received requests for more post-launch support.

While I love having a continuous relationship with my wonderful clients, two core values of Truly You Websites are INDEPENDENCE & AFFORDABILITY.

I created Truly You so I could offer low-cost, accessible website solutions that educate and empower.

Squarespace for Solopreneurs was born from the desire to have a deeper impact.

In 32 bitesized video tutorials, I’m sharing with you my best design skills, tech knowledge, tips and hacks so you can easily create and maintain a site that will make you look and feel like a pro.


Course curriculum


Module 1



  1. Course overview

  2. Setting up Squarespace

  3. Choosing a price plan



Module 2


  1. Creating pages and navigation

  2. How to edit page content

  3. Using the text block 

  4. Creating buttons

  5. Including videos

  6. Using the spacer and line blocks

  7. Using the Quote block



Module 3


  1. Adding a basic image

  2. Displaying images within a gallery

  3. Using the slideshow image gallery

  4. Using image grids and carousels

  5. Inserting a banner image to a pages



Module 4


  1. Designing online forms

  2. Using the newsletter block

  3. Utilising the announcement bar

  4. Including a pop-up

  5. Connecting social media



Module 5



  1. Structuring your page

  2. Adding a logo

  3. Changing fonts, colours and style features

  4. Index pages and full-width images

  5. Designing your footer

  6. Viewing your mobile site


Squarespace for Solopreneurs launches Nov 5th

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*Usual price £299. Access to videos will be made available on launch day.


Module 6


  1. Setting up a blog landing page

  2. Creating your first post

  3. Styling your blog

  4. Share buttons and enabling comments



Module 7


  1. Adding payment options

  2. Creating an online shop

  3. Adding products and services

  4. Styling your shop & checkout pages

  5. Setting up delivery options



Module 8


  1. Remove automated hyphenation

  2. Create a sticky navigation

  3. Remove quotation marks from quote block

  4. Adding a pre-footer strip

  5. How to get full width blocks



Module 9


  1. Utilising meta data

  2. Design

  3. Commerce

  4. Marketing

  5. Analytics

  6. Settings



Module 10


  1. Buying a domain name through Squarespace

  2. Linking a third-party domain

  3. Setting up a business email

  4. Adding a ‘coming soon’ page

  5. Connecting Google Analytics

  6. Registering your site with Google

  7. Making your site live!


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Access to videos will be made available on launch day.