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It’s so rewarding to be able to support heart-based business owners through the inspiring process of launching their first website.



Truly You Websites is here to serve solopreneurs in the wellness, healing and personal development industries who are launching for the first time, or are new in business and wanting to tweak or realign their website design or content.

People working in roles such as…

  • Life / Health Coach

  • Holistic Practitioner

  • Facilitator

  • Nutritionist

  • Healer

  • Intuitive / Psychic

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Writer / Creative

  • Speaker / Educator


Heidi Hauer

Heidi is a Health and Wellness coach who supports career-driven people bring health, happiness and wider fulfilment on the road to professional success.


Thalia Kleckin

Thalia Kleckin is a Self-Love Coach who is passionate about helping women chase the dreams they've been hiding in their heart.


Thrive Collective

Founded by Courtenay McCulloch, Thrive Collective is a network of women dedicated to helping you move past self-doubt, fear and comparisonitis so you can chase the life you want.


Education Angel

Through her business Education Angel, Specialist Teacher and Learning Mentor Sue Hall supports parents of children with dyslexia to help their child to shine at school and in their wider life.


For The Seeker

As a Energy Intuitive and Coach, Jaydene helps her clients embrace their own story as they unlock the abundant energy within, guiding the way towards discovering their unique gifts and creating a life filled with more joy, less fear and loads of magic.


Whole Soul Evolution

Melinda Melgar is a Life Life Coach and Yogi who supports women to connect the wisdom of their mind, body and soul, so they can build the strength and self awareness needed to create the life they dream of.

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Love Life With Monique

Monique is a Life and Passion Coach who supports devoted mothers who adore being 'Mum' but are craving the space to stop, reconnect, listen to and act upon the voice in their heart.


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