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Dec – 2018

I’m jumping straight in with a public service announcement…

I’m creating some changes around here that I’m pretty excited about, and like I’m sure you’re all too familiar with, shifts in business also mean changes in our content.

This brings me here… to the dreaded About page.

Why does the ‘About’ page feel so hard?

This is always a point of struggle for the people who I work with. Why is this?? From what has been expressed to me, it’s usually a potent concoction of nerves to do with:

  1. Not feeling good enough.

  2. Being seen.

  3. Positioning ourselves as a ‘leader’.

Being able to blend my coaching training with my website design and copywriting skills has been an incredible joy and asset. Launching as a solopreneur brings up SO much more than tech issues.

Launch in itself is a personal development.

This is where (and why) I’m making significant changes in the way I serve my clients.


Since working with amazing soloprenerus like you, I’ve become increasingly aware of the power and impact that the right conversations and self-awareness can have in this pre-launch business phase.


Because of this, we’ll be having deeper chats about witnessing & undermining wellness industry norms

Things like:

  1. Embracing who we actually are… as a leader not a person. Yep, I get it, they are one and the same. And yet we often forget this. When we step into leadership or business roles, we often retreat into following the rules set out by someone else – without fully scrutinising whether or not they align with our personal values.

  2. Moving away from industry BS. Going beneath surface level messaging, vague or grandiose promises and/or narratives that don’t fully sit within the reality or diversity of everyday human existence. Basically, getting super specific about what you’re offering in a measurable, practical and inclusive way.

  3. Doing things differently. Uncovering and naming what feels ‘off’ and getting confident enough to change it…. especially in ways that shake-up systems connected to capitalism, white supremacy, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism.

  4. Transparency and authenticity i.e. getting comfortable with learning, changing, screwing up and expanding while being seen online. (This one has been a biggie for me).

While I absolutely haven’t transcended any of these points, I’m getting more comfortable in sitting with the complexities that all of this brings up. My next evolution? Showing up for them here, in Truly You Websites.


What will it look like to work with me?

Ok, so if you’re brand new to the conversations I’ve mentioned above, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or underprepared to get launch your business into the world.

Understand this… I’m not perfect. The work isn’t perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist.

Let me give you a clearer idea of how things might go down...


What fully showing up in TY Websites currently* looks like for ME:

Working with intention and integrity. For me this is bringing an inclusive, anti-oppressive lens to how I support my clients to create from their integrity, while also building them an online home that reflects who they truly are and attracts the people it’s meant to.

Setting healthy, value-based boundaries. This means saying “Yes” and “No” when it feels right, speaking the words I need to speak, delivering services that feel aligned and calling in my soul clients.

Staying in my own lane. Getting really specific about what work is mine to do (physical and emotional) and what is yours, while respecting the limited (human) capacity that Truly You Websites has to create the change in the world I desire.


What working with TY Websites might* look like for YOU:

Expansive conversations. I’m not in the business of ticking boxes or creating a web-design factory line. While you work with Truly You Websites, you’ll be encouraged to create in your highest integrity and cleanse any intentions that are coming from a ‘should’.

Co-creating authentically. While it’s my intention that you’re guided to yourself as we build your website, co-creation is everything. This is not a teacher-student linear experience. We’re here to support YOUR work. This could look like you saying “No” or “Not right now” to things we might suggest. It might be brining up perspectives we may have missed. It might be changing your mind on something as we’re in the process of creating it.

Starting (but not finishing) with where you are. “Just begin”. We hear this message a lot. It certainly has value but sometimes deeper learning and preparing is legitimate and respectful. My wish/request from you is this: You show up for what is calling you right now while also honouring what you have capacity to deliver knowing that creating an intentional, transformational business is a process, not a tick-box.

*These are not fixed and will be dependant on how my (and your) thoughts, self-awareness, needs and capacities change or evolve.

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