Truly You Websites was created by me, Lucy Taylor.

I've worked in online communications for the corporate, charity and education sectors, and while I've always loved the work, my heart was calling out to find that unknown missing piece. I soon discovered life coaching, which started the adventure that has brought me here to you.


My path to becoming a Squarespace designer is one of life's ironies...

After completing life coaching training with the incredible Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I was raring to go and extremely eager to launch my coaching business.

Creating a website was luckily something that didn't bring me stress. Having worked for many years in communications, I was excited to bring my design and writing skills back into the mix.

Due to it's sleek design and top-class business functionalities, Squarespace became an obvious choice. My first site launched, and for a couple of weeks I was pretty happy…

but something didn't feel right. 


I tweaked my messaging. I changed the fonts. I went bold. I went soft. I started from scratch. I designed a second, third, fourth website. I re-launched. I unpublished. I went back to the start.

I suppressed the increasingly tempting option to throw my laptop out the window.


Throughout this rollercoaster of 'getting in right' I finally came to understand that I was missing something crucial. It was nothing to do with my site's design, it was the business I was launching... no matter how many tweaks and changes I made to my online brand, nothing could squash the obvious truth that life coaching wasn't for me.

“Now WHAT?!?” was the burning question draining all my energy.

The irony was that once I had decided to finally hit pause, the work I really missed the most was creating and editing websites. After 300+ hours hunched over my laptop frantically designing on Squarespace, my skill-set quickly took me from a dabbler to a pro.

I had become obsessed with coding and customisations, with understanding every tiny Squarespace setting, with creating hacks and work-arounds, with integrating software. I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for creative solutions. 

Just like that, it hit me. I had fallen head over heels in love with the process of creating beautiful websites.

With self-awareness heightened, I started noticing interactions with so many soulful entrepreneurs who had huge amounts of passion and skill for their healing-based work, but were lacking the knowledge or confidence to launch their business into the world.

Many people in my coaching circles knew they wanted to harness the powerful capabilities of Squarespace, but were stuck and overwhelmed with the process of getting their websites to look exactly how they dreamed of.

I knew that I could help.

Suddenly, but joyfully, Truly You Websites was born... the passion-based business I was searching for that was within me all along.


I'm deeply commited to supporting heart-based businesses launch themsleves online.

My mission:

To create personable, value-packed website solutions that educate and empower soulpreneurs to launch their business into the world feeling authentically aligned and totally confident in managing and maintainng their site.




When starting out as a entrepreneur, cost and simplicity are everything. That's why I offer a range of accessible design and copywriting solutions (from self-guided courses to 1:1 packages) that will help you create a site you love for your current budget.


As much as I LOVE working with my clients, want I really want is to show people how to design and write copy for themselves. Whether you sign up for a course or schedule in 1:1 design or copywriting support, you’ll always finish your experience with Truly You feeling educated and confident in how to maintain and manage your site once our time together is over.


Business to me, is never 'just business'. I’m deeply passionate about supporting you to reach a state of being where what you feel, what you say and what you do are totally in harmony